Unique world for the most demanding travelers

I have always known that Czech and Slovak people seek beauty and perfection. In 1995, I noticed that people around me wanted to see the world and travel as comfortably as possible. I accepted the challenge and founded DELUXEA. Since the early days I have been always doing my best to meet the requirements of all my clients. We were pioneers in selling tailor-made holidays in Czech Republic. We enlarge our portfolio with new, carefully chosen hotels every year. We now belong to the strongest players in both Czech and Slovak markets and our clients come back to us. We can give them something more than other agencies – an individual approach, our personal advice and a nonstop service during their travels. We are demanding travelers – as well as our clients. We offer them top services which they can rely on for more than 19 years.

Irresistible comfort

Dream accommodation is accompanied with perfect services. Be demanding and do not compromise your requirements. Would you like to experience a desert island holiday in the style of Robinson Crusoe, but to live in a luxury beach bungalow? Do you need a family villa by the sea with a private pool and a big garden? Tell us about it. Nothing is impossible in paradise.

Peaceful oasis

We will recommend you the accommodation which will suit your requirements. If you wish so, the only sounds you will hear during your holiday will be the murmur of the ocean and the sounds of a tropical forest. We know which apartment or villa to choose if you prefer silence and privacy. We know which room is located closest to the sea. Those who cannot imagine their holiday without parties will get a comfortable room in a modern, busy hotel.

We create the holidays you deserve

Tour operator Deluxea specializes in tailor-made holidays. Every trip is designed according to our personal experience. A detailed calculation is prepared individually for every client. Before you leave, we will give you all the travel documents including maps and travel guides. You will not travel in a group of other tourists. In case of emergency, we are on the phone 24/7. Tell us about your dreams. We will take care of you.

We traveled the world. We will give you our personal advice.