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In our offer you will find only prime destinations with luxury resorts. In many, a favorable price for a newlyweds or a couple celebrating the anniversary is valid. Wedding tour is the perfect choice for those who want to seal their love while enjoying a unique holiday in an unusual place. We will not sell you anything that we are not 100% convinced of.

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We know the places in the offered destinations thoroughly and we will be happy to reveal our secret tips and recommendations. That is why our clients enjoy the best beaches, snorkel in the most beautiful places and live in the most conveniently located rooms. We are here to help you with the little things that make your journey a lifetime experience.

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We all want the wedding day to be perfect in the last detail. It is not just a ceremony, but an official commencement of a common life. In our imagination, it is an idyllic sunny day spent on the beach lined with palm trees and reminiscent of the azure sea. This dream can be easily fulfilled. You choose a place and we will do everything we need for you.

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The optimal time to order a wedding tour is at least half a year in advance to arrange a hotel at the client's request at a selected date. As hotels guarantee one wedding daily, the number of dates is limited. At least 6 weeks in advance it is necessary to send or hand over the necessary documents for the wedding.

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The course of the wedding abroad

The ceremony itself, during which a couple will make a marriage vow, takes about half an hour and takes place in the afternoon at a predetermined place in a chamber group with the lover and witnesses. A Czech interpreter can assist you on request. After you say yes and change the rings, there is a series of photos.

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DELUXEA client reference

The most important is for us a satisfied client who is happy to return or recommend us. We prepare conservations and weddings conscientiously, with each one we act individually and immediately respond to all wishes and demands. Here, you can read some of the newlyweds' testimonies to help them prepare the perfect moments of their life.

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Wedding Photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is almost as vital as choosing the right partner. The pictures are a commemorated memory that you will show to your surroundings and once to your own body. Therefore, the photos should be beautiful and full of emotions. Those in photos can be imprinted by the recommended photographers.

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We plan to organize weddings for any of the destinations that are rightly labeled Paradise on Earth - the Green Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Mauritius, the Maldives with its submarine kingdom, the Seychelles with fairy beaches, or the charming Polynesia. All weddings other than those organized in the Maldives are legalized in the Czech Republic.

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Svatební týden v září 2017

V září 2017 pořádáme Týden svateb v ráji. Na ostrově Maurícius bude zkušená česká svatební fotografka, který mluví i anglicky a zaměstnankyně cestovní kanceláře DELUXEA, která bude dělat tlumočníka u obřadu. Nebudete platit žádný příplatek. Termín svatby si vyberte co nejdříve, aby bylo volno v hotelu i u fotografky (v jeden den zvládne fotit jen jednu svatbu).

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